About us

DeLorentz & Partners is an ICT and Security knowledge organization.

We use our high-quality knowledge where necessary “always tailor-made”. For example, we work with our clients on ICT and security in their trusted digital world. Because no two environments are the same: integrated approach, that’s what it’s all about for us! And by literally being there 24/7 for the client, we can always respond to unexpected situations.

Information security is an integral part of our services. It is a continuous process that never stops. Cyber ​​threats are changing rapidly and measures to protect our information will have to be continuously assessed and adjusted if necessary. In the same way, the operation of our ISMS will also be checked annually to see whether it permanently meets the strict criteria set by ISO27001: 2017.

Our ambition is a long-term collaboration with clients, partners and employees in Europe and the United States.