Private Equity and Pension Funds

DeLorentz & Partners is familiar with the DNB / AVM requirements and therefore used to self-assessments and risk analyzes in the field of cloud services. The digitization and dependence on it, in addition to the statutory audit, makes the required levels of continuity, efficiency and customer service very high.

ICT is an important part of the business operations of Private Equity and Pension funds. The regulators require that ICT risks are adequately controlled. DeLorentz & Partners helps to analyze these risks by means of a risk analysis and can subsequently mitigate and control these risks through the correct management measures.

We understand that Private Equity and Pension Funds are subject to legal requirements. Supervisors DNB & AVM therefore assume that a supervised company can provide a risk analysis before they decide to outsource IT services. We offer solutions and services for Private Equity and Pension Funds in the field of Managed Services and Consultancy.

To protect our clients we only give references on request.

Working secure as a team in the cloud

Robert-Jan Ransdorp