Professional Services

At DeLorentz & Partners, a dedicated family business in the ICT sector, our commitment to knowledge capacity and growth is central. We understand that high-quality ICT professionals are scarce and offer you the opportunity to be part of our Professional Services team. This department is a supportive environment where we collaborate to place the right specialist in the right position. At DeLorentz & Partners, we work with professionals in the fields of Cloud, Security, and Network.


Is your organization looking for expertise in specific ICT areas? Do you want to temporarily expand your team but struggle to find the right person in a competitive job market? At DeLorentz & Partners, we understand the challenges you face. We take the time to get to know your organization because only then can we identify talent that not only possesses the required ICT expertise but also seamlessly fits into your company culture. Our colleague ICT professionals are permanently employed by our organization while working with you, ensuring flexibility and the highest quality expertise. We aim for long-term partnerships that result in mutual success and growth.


Are you an ICT professional who strives for continuous growth, development, and new challenges? In the Professional Services department, we are looking for true professionals within the ICT field. At DeLorentz & Partners, we encourage you to take your skills to new heights. We offer ample training opportunities and connect you with challenging projects that align perfectly with your passion and expertise. Our goal is not only to invest in your career but to help you grow into an indispensable partner in our Professional Services team. With permanent employment and constant new challenges, we aim for sustainable growth, both for you and our company. Together, we build a strong future full of opportunities and possibilities, while accelerating your experience with reputable clients. Ready for a new challenge? We take travel time into account and would like to accommodate you.

We keep our professionals sharp through training and certifications.

Margaux Kabalt