Our Team

Atmosphere is something you cannot really grasp, but you notice it immediately in our building: it is cozy, warm, human. A workplace with a soul. A characteristic of DeLorentz & Partners is that IT professionals like to work here. You are challenged to get the most out of yourself and to feel good while doing so. Of course: ICT is ICT, but we do think that our approach is special, also in the way we treat our employees. In addition, the opportunity for employees to grow within their field through certifications. Gathering knowledge and the possibility that employees can eventually become partners are important pillars. About 30% of the shares belong to the employees. This is why it is very normal for us to give people the space to grow seriously in a direction that suits the organization, the development in the market and themselves.

DeLorentz & Partners’ vision for the future runs parallel to our mission: to grow in knowledge, to grow with our clients, to grow with the solutions and opportunities that are available. That is called future-oriented thinking and doing. The new generation of users has new questions to which you must also have or create new answers. Safe, fast and without problems. Especially now, when it comes to working from home safely.