ICT & Security consultancy

The world of ICT & Security is ever-changing with new technologies and opportunities but also with new threats. Organizations that don’t have a well-functioning security policy or don’t have a policy at all are putting themselves at risk. DeLorentz & Partners assists with setting up and implementing a solid ICT & Security policy. We are happy to listen to your wishes, can analyze your ICT & Security policy and make a plan of action at the necessary levels.

ICT Roadmap

The purpose of a Roadmap is to plan and organize ICT objectives and to communicate these, to reduce risks and to create acceptance and support. The Roadmap is created through discussions with various stakeholders of the organization, by, among other things, determining what the wishes and requirements are in the field of ICT. These wishes and requirements are translated by DeLorentz & Partners into clear and concrete solutions within five focus areas:
Organization, Security, Compliance, Technical and Functional

Security Assessment

With a Security Assessment we map out the state of information security within your organization. With this service we gain insight into the security level of your network, software and data. The result is a complete overview of the possible risks and concrete recommendations for improving security. We do this with the help of Information Protection (classification and labeling of documents) and workplace protection (Microsoft Defender for Endpoints, password manager and Multi-factor Authentication).

Inventory of the ICT landscape

The ICT landscape or application architecture is the overview of all applications and systems within your organization. It is a crucial part that helps with decision-making, determining a business vision and impact analysis of changes to your ICT; basically your entire business. DeLorentz & Partners makes an inventory of your current ICT landscape and makes a visual representation of it.

Health Check

With the Health Check, DeLorentz & Partners draws up an inventory of how the ICT environment is set up. It is examined which techniques have been used and whether these techniques have been used correctly. With this Health Check we also investigate the wishes and requirements of the organization and whether these fit into the current ICT environment. After drawing up the inventory, you will receive an independent advisory report with specific points for improvement to lift your organization to a higher ICT level.

Optionally, DeLorentz & Partners also offers assistance with the implementation of technical security measures and supports in improving “security awareness” among your employees.